Realty Cyber

The Realty Cyber Purchasing Group, Inc. (RCPG) is a not-for-profit Risk Purchasing Group formed under the Federal Liability Risk Retention Act of 1986 to provide comprehensive Cyber liability insurance and risk management services to real estate licensees. The RCPG negotiates insurance on a group basis, resulting in more comprehensive insurance at a lower price.

The company was founded by a past local Realtor Board President and NAR Director, Julie Turner, because she was unable to find affordable Cyber insurance after discovering Cyber events are not covered by E&O. The sole purpose of the RCPG is to provide Risk Management information to prevent Cyber related claims and protect real estate professionals, and their clients in case of a Cyber event.

Mark and Julie

Realty Specialty Insurance

Realty Specialty Insurance, LLC was formed to obtain insurance and provide Risk Management services for the Members of the RCPG.

Realty Specialty Insurance is operated by Mark Turner, an insurance executive (and Julie’s husband) with over 25 years of insurance brokerage experience. Most recently, he was an Officer and the VP of Sales and Marketing of CRES Insurance Services, the largest Real Estate E&O and Risk Management company in the United States. He holds insurance licenses in all 50 states.

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