Firms With Over $2M in Revenue

Firms with over $2 Million in revenue do not qualify for the standard Realty Cyber Purchasing Group policy. But no worries, we have options!

We have partnered with top Cyber insurance companies to provide an exclusive Quote, Compare, and Buy simplified application process. No long applications to complete, no waiting for an insurance agent to call. Get an instant quote from several insurance companies, choose the one to fit your needs and bind coverage.

Start to finish should be under 10 minutes. The policies cover all employees and licensees in your firm. Unlike our individual polices there is one limit for the entire office, not per licensee.

Quote & Buy

Firms with OVER 100 Licensees

If you have over 100 licensees, we have two options:

The first is to use the link above to get instant quotes from multiple carriers. The policy covers all licensees but has shared limits.

The other option is to complete a more detailed application. We will provide a quote that will give each of your licensees their own coverage limits, just like they had purchased their own coverage. You can share some, or all of the savings. See the example below for an explanation.

CRIME (wire fraud, etc.) $50,000

If 500 licensees purchase the Preferred Premium ($320) on their own the total cost would be: 500 x $320 = $160,000

If, as an example, we quote a group policy with the same coverage for $110,000, there is a $50,000 savings that can be passed on, or used to cover admin expenses, etc.

We require a single payment, so you would need to collect the premium from your licensees.

Also, we would need names and emails of the licensees covered so we can send them their insurance certificates and link to watch the required wire fraud video. It’s required to receive the Preferred Premium pricing. Otherwise, the deductible may be raised in case of a claim.

Download Application

Click here to download the full application:

When completed email to:

* Includes the $20 Realty Cyber Purchasing Group Membership Fee.

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