Firms With Under $2 Million in Revenue

Most brokers have little oversight of the licensees’ email and computers. Many licensees are using vulnerable free email like Google and Yahoo, have limited virus protection, and are not aware of how to detect and avoid online threats. This is why criminals have targeted the real estate industry.

Our goal is to prevent claims, not just pay them. That’s why we have Preferred pricing for firms that help us educate their licensees by watching our Cyber threats avoidance video. If the licensee fails to watch the video and there’s a claim, their deductible is raised. So WE are penalizing them if they do not watch the video, not you. We do require a licensee roster with names and email addresses so we can send a trackable video link. Their if quote information will be kept confidential, but we will send them occasional emails with Cyber Risk Management information that they can opt-out of.

If you just want insurance, we can do that too. Here are our pricing and coverage options.


What the Policy Pays For:

  • Attorneys, Computer Forensic experts, and Other Expenses to investigate, help recover, and defend you after a Cyber Event
  • Damages, such as replacing money stolen due to wire fraud, or paying for copyright infringement or ransomware recovery.
  • Notification and credit monitoring to those who had sensitive personal data compromised
  • Upgrade of computers/software to prevent future breaches
  • 24/7 Cyber Incident Response- Cyber experts available to help you recover after a breach

What’s Covered:

  • Wire Transfer fraud- Theft of client money by fraudulent wiring instructions, etc.
  • Data Breach- Theft of private business and/or client information.
  • Multimedia Liability- Claims of copyright infringement, defamation, plagiarism from use of photos, home inspections, etc.
  • Cyber Extortion/Ransomware-Threat to release, or prevent access to client and other data on your computer unless you pay a ransom.

Policy Info

POLICY LIMIT $500,000 $1,000,000
CRIME (wire fraud, etc.) $50,000 $100,000
DEDUCTIBLE $2,500 $5,000
STANDARD PREMIUM* $1,000 $1,250

In addition to the video, Preferred pricing requires the following Risk Management procedures be taken for firm owned/controlled computers. We prefer that your licensees also follow these guidelines, but understand that may be impossible to enforce.

  • Dual factor authentication for e-mail as well as cloud-based services (like DropBox)
  • Systems configured for automatic installation of operating system software updates and other best practices like providing clients a wire fraud prevention letter, etc.

We want to help you protect your business, and qualify for the best rates, so video tutorials are included to help you meet the Preferred premium requirements.

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Firms with revenue UNDER $2 Million

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We use a Master Policy for all Members, so you will be issued a Certificate of Coverage showing the coverage you chose. Coverage begins the day after your purchase. For more details, go to our FAQ page click here.

* Membership in the Realty Cyber Purchasing Group is required and is an additional $100.

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