Instructions to Protect Your Computer

Cyber criminals are always finding new ways to attack computers. The real estate industry is a primary target. Real Estate Wire Fraud losses increased 50% in 2019. Some basic steps can help to protect computers from the most common threats. 

The best defense: having a Cyber policy to cover you and your clients, just in case. They start at $145 a year for individual real estate professionals. They also protect you for a Data Breach, Copyright Infringement lawsuit, or Ransomware losses. Cyber crimes, like wire fraud, are usually excluded from an Errors and Omissions policy.

First, if you are using Windows, determine which version of Windows you have installed (ie. Windows 10, 8, etc.). If you are not sure, Click Here .

Use the links below for step-by-step written instructions, or a video. Some of these, like Automatic Updates of the Operating System may already be set-up on your system. If so, you do not need to do anything extra.

We also have a Cyber Crime warning letter that you can give to clients. It provides a place for them to list the names and phone numbers of everyone involved in the transaction for easy reference. There is a 2nd version with a space for your client to sign acknowledging they received the warning. This will help defend you in case they do not follow the instructions and end up being a wire fraud victim. 

Written Instructions: Click on each topic

Dual Factor Authentication

Configuring Automatic Updates

Updating Domain Name Services (D.N.S.)

Removing Administrative Privileges from PC’s  This is only necessary if computers are networked together, like in an office or if there are other users that may accidentally download malicious software (like children).

Video Instructions: Click on your Operating System

Apple OSX

Windows 10

Windows 8

Windows 7

If you still have questions after reviewing the instructions above, email us at for assistance.

Cyber Crime Warning Letters

Client Warning Letter with Contact Info

Client Warning Letter with Signature

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